Thursday, January 31, 2013

You had me at "Toter"...

Dress - Jenny Yoo
Shoes - Aldo (bride), OluKai (groom)
Groom's Outfit - Suit: John W Nordstrom, 
                            Shirt: Linen Long Sleeve by Just a Cheap Shirt
Bike - Schwinn Twin Deluxe (1960's or 70's we are not sure) - Ed and
his dad fixed it up.
Flowers - Flowerful Events
Table Numbers - Bride and Groom
Flower Boxes - Bride and Groom - we gave them to the florist to use
Signs - Bride and Groom
Place Card Holder - Bride and Groom
Girls Dresses - Everyone bought their own, the only requirement was     
                         that it was blue.
Guy's Shirts - J. Edwards Vine Cabana
Kids Outfits - Boys shirts:  Target
                       Ruby's dress: Juicy Couture
Officiant: Jeddah Vailakis -  Interfaith Ceremonies
Hair:  Kevin Holbritter (Le Grand Salon, Hillsdale, NJ)
Makeup:  Rupa Patel (MAC, Paramus, NJ)

How we met:
Ed's friend, Steve, and my friend, Shannon, work together at a local
radio station.  Ed was in charge of recycling at the local Oyster
Festival and met Steve for a beer in the VIP tent on a Sunday evening
and Shannon was there.  She texted me "I met your husband"  to which I
responded "?"  I lived right across the street, and with a little
pushing, I went down to meet him.  He was getting a large 65 gallon
recycling bin and I knew it was called a toter.  He says now I had him
at toter :)  We went on our first date the next Saturday.  It lasted
32 hours, and we have been together ever since.

I had a crappy night's sleep.  We went kayaking with his family for a
few hours.  When we got back I needed a nap, which is odd for me, I
never nap.  He went and picked up the ring from the jeweler while I
was sleeping.  He came into the bedroom wearing white and carrying
wine glasses.  I kind of saw him, but closed my eyes because I was
pissed off that he woke me up, so I didn't really see him (you know?).
He laid down on the bed next to me and I opened my eyes again and the
ring was in front of my face.  We popped a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and
went on a motorcycle ride.  Perfect, intimate, private  . . . lovely.
He said he would do it while I was in bed or in the kitchen, whichever
came first. So simple, so us.

Wedding thoughts:
While planning I never got caught up in the little things.  I just
took it as it came and was pretty loose with the whole thing.  Day of,
I didn't have to let anything go to enjoy myself because I wasn't ever
holding onto it.  We just had THE BEST time!  We danced our asses off
(despite the oppressing heat under the tent).  I felt surrounded by so
much love, it was overwhelming and beautiful.  It was a dream come
true.  I wouldn't change a thing (except for maybe a little
ventilation under the tent).  We wanted it to be beautiful, relaxed,
and fun, and that's exactly what it was.

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